Watch as PGA Professional Darren Husse performs a bag mapping session using the UNEEKOR EYE XO Golf Launch Monitor and View Golf Simulator Software. We take you through a full review of how to setup the software for bag mapping as well as read the data.

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In this video we had Darren hit 4 shots with pitching wedge through 4 iron hitting 2 normal shots, a fade, and a draw. This is how he likes to control distances with his irons so it gave us a great range of distance data for the bag mapping session. The UNEEKOR EYE XO did a great job of delivering ball data and the VIEW Software made it easy to accomplish the task and identify some club gaps in his set.

Golf Simulator hardware like the UNEEKOR EYE XO and VIEW software clearly can be a big benefit to amateur golfers and professionals trying to gather data for club fitting, lessons, lie angles, club lofts, and more.

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More information about the UNEEKOR EYE XO Launch Monitor

The UNEEKOR EYE XO is the most advanced overhead camera based golf launch monitor for several reason. One, is the EYE non-marking ball technology allows you to play, practice, and train with any ball you choose. Second, is all inclusive for the most accurate club data measured in real time. Looking for the UNEEKOR EYE XO Price? Use the contact us button below to get your hassle free quote today, the UNEEKOR EYE XO cost is actually much lower than what most clients assume. The UNEEKOR EYE XO Price is $10,000 MSRP.

The core of the non-marking ball technology enhances reality and accuracy for indoor golf simulation. With the non-marking ball technology at work, you are many steps closer to a more
realistic golf environment.

Whether you’d like to work on hitting longer drives, more accurate iron shots, better putts, or everything together, a precise and speedy launch monitor can help you make it a reality. With precise ball analytics and a full range of club data you can make calculated decisions and educated adjustments for speedy and steady improvement.

EYEXO VIEW Data Output

Ball Data: Club Data:
• Back Spin
• Side Spin
• Total Spin
• Spin Axis
• Ball Impact on Club Face
• Smash Factor
• Club Speed
• Club Path
• Club Face Angle
• Attack Angle
• Club Loft Angle,
• Club Lie Angle,
• Impact Point Vertical
• Impact Point Horizontal
*Ball data: Dimple read
*Club data: Read with reflective stickers

Clubface strike is one of the most important variables in golf consistency. Where on the face you hit the ball affects: launch, spin, spin axis, distance, and club fitting. One way to develop a consistent club face strike is understanding exactly where you hit it. The Club OPTIXT allows you
to see where you exactly strike the ball on the face and gives you a visual example of adjustments necessary to improve consistency.

About Golf Bag Mapping
(Courtesy of 1SwingGolf

Businesses and instructors have different names but I will try to explain it in simple terms to see if you are ready for this and if it’s worth the investment. I will discuss what to look for, what to beware of, the questions to ask and the answers you need to get. Then the final question is – for the money that you invest, will you get an adequate return?

Once your swing is relatively consistent, bag mapping is useful, however is the investment worth the cost? Mapping is taking each club on the launch monitor, hitting it 5 times to determine the average distance with that club. Then take the next one ( 9-8-7-)and so on and make sure each club has an average distance equally between each one (gap). If the distance between any two clubs is too short or too long, the club that is creating the gap irregularity needs to be adjusted to correct the irregular gap. This just takes time which is money. It’s like tuning up your car, you don’t have to but it makes the car run better and more efficiently.

Most people don’t realize that each iron is one half inch longer from the pitching wedge up through the one iron. Each club should hit approximately ten yards farther or shorter depending on the size. This means golf becomes essentially like a game of chess, once you know the distance you pick a club that matches it. Like in chess where each piece has its own move, by bag mapping you can take out some of the guesswork, and golf becomes a game of thinking instead of just hitting.


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