PuttView Indoor Putting Green

The PuttView indoor putting green technology transforms any putting green into a fully interactive learning experience. The system gives the tools to not only the players but PGA professionals and golf coaches to give the ultimate experience for their students.

Check out our first look video and review of the PuttView P7 Plus Home Putting System below. Be sure to Contact Me for special PuttView Pricing and Exclusive discounts for Golf Simulator Videos Subscribers.

PuttView P7 Home Putting System

PuttView set out with a mission to create a more simple all-in-one system when designing the PuttView P7 Home Series. This indoor putting green system focuses on the needs for home practice but still featuring ultimate accuracy, performance, and great fun.

The nice part about the PuttView P7 is the compact size allowing it to fit in most homes, golf clubs, and commercial facilities. Since the P7 system features the same great coaching and training tools this can be added to a home but also put inside a golf clubhouse, commercial training facility, fitness center, and more. For those looking to go bigger or custom, PuttView can add the technology to any green including a DIY or professionally installed green of your choice.

puttview p7
PuttView P7 Installed in a Home

Users can choose between guided practice sessions where they can use predefined sequences or create their own custom putting challenges. The performance tracking capabilities uses the ball tracking technology to offer real time path traces of the ball and store the ball end locations for every putt.


  • Basic Features (Read)
    • Contour Lines
    • Fall Lines
    • Slope Percentage
  • Basic Features (Line)
    • Ideal Line
    • Aiming Line
    • Setup Line
    • Move Ball
    • Visual Cues
  • Basic Features (Speed)
    • Swing Guide
    • Power Control
    • Speed Animation
    • Speed Corridor
  • Practice Mode
    • Free Practice
    • Practice Drills
    • Random Putts
    • Challenge Zone
  • Customization
    • Width, Color, Brightness
    • Virtual Holes
    • Sketch Mode
  • User Profiles
    • Ball Tracking
    • Profiles
    • Dashboard
    • Shot Pattern
  • Putting Games
    • Putt Pong
    • Shooter
    • Maze
    • Hole-Out-Challenge
PuttView features & Puttview Pricing
PuttView Model Options & Pricing

PuttView Virtual Green, Professional, & Commercial Options

There are many PuttView options past the smaller home series and pre-built greens. You can step up to a custom green either installed by a local putting turf professional or you can even do it yourself. This then allows you to add various models of PuttView such as a single projector C1 system or dual projector C2 system. Depending on the size of your green you many even want to install dual PuttView systems such as tow C2 systems giving you 4 projectors.

PuttView Commercial Green

The ultimate PuttView variation for smaller spaces is the moving green options. PuttView can be used with one of 3 partners including the TruBreak Platform, the Zen Green Stage, or Virtual Green by Full Swing Golf Simulators.

PuttView Virtual Green

How Does PuttView Work?

The Technology Behind PuttView

3D Data

An accurate 3D Model is the foundation of PuttView. For existing greens and new custom built greens, they use modern surveying technology to scan the green and get 3D Models. The PuttView greens, Home as well as Professional Series, do not require scanning since they’re manufactured in mm-accuracy according to our 3D Models.

Using the accurate 3D Model of the green, PuttView can calculate any putt on that surface: for any starting position, for any hole location, and any starting speed. What is necessary? Calculations run on a compact but powerful PC that also feeds the projector(s). All electronics needed to run PuttView are part of the package and will be installed by our experienced PuttView technicians.

By installing one or more projectors at the costumer’s location PuttView can transform your putting green of up to 540 sqft into an interactive learning environment. The visualization shows you what you should be doing by visualizing break, line and speed directly on the green.

An interactive tablet serves as the control center of PuttView. It allows you to change and control all visuals while walking freely on or near the putting green. The tablet gives access to your putting data and tracks your performance over time.

The ball tracking technology is able to track your played putt, draw the actual path on the green in real-time and save your putting data. Analyze your tendencies, derive meaningful insights and track your performance overt time.

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