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High Definition Golf Simulator ( HD Golf ) – Pebble Beach Hole 7 – Slow Motion Swing

Pebble Beach Golf Links was just a year old when esteemed architect William Herbert Fowler recommended that the petite par-3 7th hole was unfit for championship play.

“I am quite ready to admit the beauty of the location from a scenic standpoint, but the golfing shot required is not of such a character as would make it worthwhile to descend to the lower level and then have to rise again,” Fowler reported to S.F.B. Morse in 1920. “I think it would be quite easy to find another location for a one-shot hole to take its place, and this will enable us to play the tee shot to the 8th hole from the high ground on the same level as the (6th) green.”

Fowler had better ideas — such as adding nearly 200 yards to the 18th hole, transforming it from a short par-4 into the dramatic par-5 you play today — but thankfully, the original routing at No. 7 stuck.

7th hole at pebble beach looking up to green
The beloved par-3 is the shortest on the PGA TOUR at just 106 yards, and played as little as 92 yards during the 2010 U.S. Open. But Pebble Beach co-designer Jack Neville recognized what a special hole No. 7 could be before it even opened.

“The seventh is a little gem of a mashie shot, only 106 yards and a drop of 40 feet from tee to green,” Neville wrote in Pacific Golf & Motor in 1917. “The latter is surrounded on three sides by the bay. There is usually a little wind blowing on this point, which gives it every natural hazard to the golfer, making this hole one of the most interesting on the links.”

The wind at No. 7 is legendary. Sam Snead chose to putt off the seventh tee rather than send a tee shot into the teeth of a wicked wind. (It was reported that he was the only player to make par on the hole that day.) Bel-Air pro Eddie Merrins actually aced the hole during the Bing Crosby, but needed a 3-iron to do so. Eventual champ Tom Kite famously chipped in for birdie during the final round of the 1992 U.S. Open after his 6-iron missed the green.

How it looks today. Still 106 yards. Everything from mashies and lob wedges to 3-irons and putters have been hit here.

How it looks today…and still 106 yards. Everything from mashies and lob wedges to 3-irons and putters have been hit here.

What have you hit into the seventh hole?

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