Foresight Sports GC3 & Bushnell Launch Pro

The Foresight Sports GC3 Golf Launch Monitor takes three precision cameras to measure both ball and club data. Multiple ways to connect including ethernet, USB, and WIFI. It includes a touch screen display that’s easy to read indoors and out. The Foresight Sports GC3 is the same identical hardware as the Bushnell Launch Pro, just with a different pricing model. Check out our everything you should know video along with first look review to learn more. Looking to buy Foresight Sports GC3 or Bushnell Launch Pro? Use our links below to Buy them now at the lowest price!

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Choose the data you need. The GC3 Ball Enabled — a configuration of the GC3 launch monitor with ball data only — is now available in this exclusive webstore bundle. Included is FSX Play, FSX 2020, FSX Pro, and 25 Golf Courses!

Please note: Clubhead Measurement can be purchased as an upgrade at any time.

Lowest price on game-changing technology. Starting at only $5,999, this bundle gives you the opportunity to step up your game at the lowest price point available.

Each bundle comes with GC3 Ball Enabled Launch Monitor FSX Play Software FSX 2020 Software 25 Golf Courses FSX Pro Performance Software Awesome Golf – Lifetime Membership Foresight Fairgrounds Foresight Sports Performance App 1-Year Warranty Power Adapter & Cable USB-C Cable Alignment Stick Club Markers

Data measured by the GC3 Ball Data Launch Angle Side Angle Ball Speed Total Spin Carry Side Spin/Spin Axis Club Data Club Path * Angle of Attack * Smash Factor * Club Head Speed * * With Clubhead Measurement Add-on (additional purchase necessary)

GC3 Specifications Technology: Triscopic High-Speed Camera System Dimensions: 6″(w) x 5″(d) x 12″(h) Weight: 5lbs / 2.3kg Battery: Lithium-Ion Data Interface: USB Type C / WiFi / Ethernet Display: Transflective LCD Touch Screen

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