High Definition Golf Simulator – HD Golf – Pebble Beach Hole 7

High Definition Golf Simulator HD Golf – Pebble Beach Hole 7

Since 2003, HD Golf™ has manufactured and installed thousands of virtual golf simulators in more than 50 countries, earning a global reputation as the World’s Most Amazing Golf Simulator.

As the technology leader and fastest growing simulator producer globally, top PGA Tour players, luxury hotels & resorts, discerning homeowners and top-ranked golf clubs consistently select HD Golf™.

The reason is simple; our highly advanced, performance-leading indoor virtual golf simulators provide visually stunning on-demand golf, combining unparalleled realism, superior accuracy and long-term reliability. There is NO COMPARISON.

HD Golf™ has introduced more ‘next generation technology’ to the indoor virtual golf simulator industry than any other company:

Computer Vision Technology: HD Golf™ pioneered advanced Computer Vision Technology with smart cameras for ball & club tracking. CVT provides the most precise and comprehensive measurements of any golf simulator, as verified by PGA Tour players like Bubba Watson, top golf instructors like Jim McLean and equipment manufacturers like Nike. For example, clubface angle at contact is accurate to within 1/10th of 1 degree.

Realistic 3D modelling: We invented new, revolutionary image processing software to combine high-resolution digital images, satellite data and geophysical data into 3D models of golf courses. This allows us to deliver premium championship courses using REAL COURSE DATA. Enjoy luxurious detail, experienced by few – and loved by all who hold realism in the highest regard. This creates incredible realism that transports you to some of the world’s most famous courses, like Pebble Beach or St. Andrews.

Integrated Golf Instruction: HD Golf™ was the first to develop a fully integrated golf instruction studio. We give you the tools to elevate your game. Our Studio provides a full suite of improvement tools like Video Swing Analysis, Weight/Balance Transfer, Swing Dynamics Analysis and 3D Motion Analysis allowing you to overlay your swing with that of professional golfers. Getting better just got easier.

Golf Enterprise Management: Our user-interface and integrated, cloud-based, mobile-friendly HD Clubhouse Management Software is brilliantly simple. HD Golf™ clients use it to easily manage multiple simulators, reservations, clinics, leagues, tournaments and even advertising. The Player Locker Room stores golfer stats and lessons while our Communication Portal connects golfers with each other.

Remote diagnostics: HD Golf™ engineers and technicians introduced remote diagnostics in the golf simulator industry. It allows us to remotely access, diagnose and fix nearly all challenges a simulator may experience. This is a huge benefit for customers and ensures quick resolution and a greater than 99% simulator uptime.

HD Golf™ delivers visually stunning, ON-DEMAND golf, with a level of realism incomparable to any competitive system. Let the screen wrap around and pull you into a golfing environment so vivid, real and engaging, you’ll want to apply sunscreen.

With our top golf simulators, you will immediately become immersed in a virtual golf course that hones your skills. This indoor golf simulator for sale can be used as a fun escape or as a practice tool. We deliver the best golf simulator on the market that helps golfers see measureable results on actual courses.

Discover accuracy and realism you thought impossible from a simulator.

Experience weatherproof golf in its purest form in crisp, luxurious detail.

Golf real, world-famous courses from across the globe.

See you on the tee.


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