UNEEKOR EYE MINI – Pricing, Data, and More

The UNEEKOR EYE MINI grabbed everyone’s attention at the PGA Merchandise show when it was first announced in 2022. Then in 2023 after some supply delays, the UNEEKOR EYE MIN has officially been launched and is for sale!

With the ability to use at home or on the driving range, the EYE MINI is powerful, reliable, and sleek. Push the boundaries of your game with the EYE MINI.

Data Points EYE MINI Measures

Ball Data

Ball Speed, Side & Back Spin, Side Angle, Side Distance, Launch Angle, Carry Distance, Descent Angle*, Apex* (Peak Height), Distance to Apex*, Flight Time*, Run*

* available on VIEW (PC) or VIEW Air (iPad)

Club Data*

Club Speed, Attack Angle, Smash Factor, Club Path

* EYE MINI club stickers required

We caught up with the UNEEKOR team at the PGA Show and got the answer everyone was looking for, the price! Starting at $4,500 the dual high-speed infrared camera based launch monitor appears to be a great value. The nice large screen prevents sun washout and offers nice large buttons to navigate through menus. The data points the unit is measuring and delivering is as follows:

Ball Speed, Launch Angle, Launch Direction, BackSpin, SideSpin, Club Speed, Club Path, Club Attack Angle, Smash Factor, Carry Distance, Side Distance, and Apex Height

This is an impressive set of data considering the price point and portability of the EYE MINI. The nice part is the unit will come with the new UNEEKOR VIEW software that is available for iOS. This is the same look and capability you are used to seeing on the PC and makes the unit even more portable and powerful. Check out our video below talking to the UNEEKOR team at this years 2023 PGA Merchandise show.

If you are looking to build a home golf simulator with UNEEKOR EYE MINI or just want to purchase the unit as a stand alone please contact us for the best information and pricing.

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