Uneekor Golf Simulator – UNEEKOR MINI, QED & EYE XO

Introducing the Uneekor Golf Simulator System. The industries leading technology for indoor golf using the UNEEKOR EYE MINI, Uneekor QED and Uneekor EYE XO camera based golf simulators. My name is Jay and I am the operator of the popular YouTube Channel, Golf Simulator Videos. I am a Uneekor owner and reselling partner that is here to help you with best information, pricing, and more for Uneekor. Contact Me HERE at anytime to get more information.

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Uneekor QED Golf Simulator Installation

In the video above I take you through the process of installing your Uneekor QED Golf Simulator system. The Uneekor installation was so easy, I was able to take this golf simulator off my porch and hitting balls in under two hours. This video shows the Uneekor hardware install, software install, and first shots on the golf simulator using Uneekor Ignite software. Contact Me HERE for information, Uneekor QED price or Uneekor EYE XO Price, and question on Uneekor QED.

UNEEKOR QED is where passion meets precision. Advanced mathematics mingle with hyper-precise sensors – capturing crystal clear moments in time. High-speed photos of your club and ball spin recite every aspect of your swing. Enhanced graphics reveal a vivid world in the finest detail.

The illustration above show the Uneekor QED recommended installation layout. This layout can be configured in many custom ways to be much smaller, so be sure to contact us with questions and custom fitment for your space. The Uneekor QED has a short reading path so it can fit into golf simulator room smaller than you may think.

QED is an initialism of the Latin phrase “quod erat demonstrandum” meaning “what is proven or demonstrated.”

Uneekor QED – Ignite Software Review

In this video I will demonstrate the Uneekor QED Golf Simulator Ignite software that is included with every purchase. This extensive golf simulator software has amazing tools such at graphical ball flight, swing video analysis, club path and face video reply, over 18 data points, and more.

The Uneekor Ignite software for the golf simulator system includes data points such as apex, back spin, ball speed, carry distance, total distance, club path angle, club speed, distance to apex, face angle, face to path, flight time, landing angle, side spin, smash factor, run, launch angle, side total, side angle, and more.

Golf Simulation with Cutting Edge Technology

• Provides authentic swing experience to enhance performance
• Verified data results in productive practice and accurate fitting
• Multiple practice modes for endless entertainment

Any Golfer Regardless of Skill Can Unlock Confidence in Every Swing

Array of Features Include but not Limited to:

  • Shot Skills & Training
  • Drive Range
  • Shortgame Complex
  • Accurate Fitting
  • Precise Photometric Data
  • Course Management
  • Stroke Play Mode
  • Course Practice Mode
  • Built-In Swing Analysis Software
Uneekor QED Refine Software

Equipped with (2) Ultra High Speed Cameras, (≥3000 fps each, UNEEKOR QED provides real-time footage of ball spin, club path and true impact.

Uneekor EYE XO Golf Simulator

UNEEKOR QED Delivers the Right Data for Self-Improvement

Uneekor QED Golf Simulator For Sale

Uneekor QED Software Options

The Uneekor QED offers 3 packages that are available. The base package which includes the club fitting software, ignite. Then there are two more levels offered which are Refine and Succeed. The Eefine package unlocks the QED 2020 software with 5 Stroke play course, course practice, driving range, shortgame complex, and challenge mode. In the video above I demonstrate the Short Game Complex Uneekor offers in the Refine simulator package.


•UNEEKOR OPTIX: Validated Photographic
Technology providing actual club impact
and ball spin videos of each shot
•Fitting data
•3D Driving range
•Swing Motion Analysis Tool
(*option to purchase (2) add on cameras


• UNEEKOR OPTIX: Validated Photographic Technology providing actual club impact and ball spin videos of each shot
• Fitting data
• 3D Driving range
• Swing Motion Analysis Tool
(*option to purchase (2) add on cameras)
• Stroke Play: Total 5, 18-hole golf courses for up to 6 players
• Course Practice: On course practice
mode for an individual player
• Driving Range:
Lake Range, Peak Range, & Targeting Range.
• Short Game Training:
Approach & Putting
• QED Challenge mode


• UNEEKOR OPTIX: Validated Photogr aphic Technology providing actual club impact and ball spin videos of each shot
• Fitting data
• 3D Driving range
• Swing Motion Analysis Tool
(*option to purchase (2) add on cameras)
• Course Practice: On course practice mode for an individual player
• Driving Range:
Lake Range, Peak Range, & Targeting Range
• Short Game Training:
Approach & Putting
• Stroke Play: Total 20, 18-hole golf courses for up to 6 players
• QED Challenge mode


• Equipped with (2) Hyper Speed Cameras ≥ 3000 fps, which also produce a stereoscopic effect
• Directly reads both ball and club thru sensors
• Superior accuracy to equivalent sensor technology on the market
(Conducted comparison test with GCQuad, Trackman, and About Golf sensors)
• Provides real-time footage of club and ball at impact
• Swing freely with ceiling mount implementation

uneekor golf simulator optix photographc technology for uneekor qed and uneekor eye xo

Regardless of what kind of golf simulator for home or golf simulator for commercial use fits your needs, we are here to help. You will find out extensive library of hardware and software coverage will give clear examples of how each performs and what is required to use them. We try to give the best non-bias reviews of each golf simulator hardware or software product so you can get your own opinion of what you like and will work for you.

Other factors to consider when starting your journey of a home golf simulator build is finding the right space to fit the projector, screen, and mat of your choice. Many people are now looking at going with a widescreen format of 16:9 vs the 16:10 or 4:3 format. This is a choice you will have to make based on your own liking and allotment of space. You will find videos in our channel that show our golf simulator screen running in both 16:10, 16:9, and 4:3 format so you can get a good feeling of those. If you want to get a good feeling for the more square 4:3 format just think of your iPad. You can easily get a HDMI dongle for a iPad and run it to a TV and you will see how it displays in a more square size vs the normal 16:9 TV you see in most homes today.

During anytime of your research if you think of questions or want to see a specific video covered feel free to reach out to us using the contact button below. We will be sure to get back to you as soon as we can. In the meantime, hit them straight and have fun!


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