Foresight Sports Sim in a Box Golf Simulator

If you have been looking for a easy DIY Home Golf Simulator then you may have come across the Foresight Sports Sim in a Box Golf Simulator package. This all-in-one home golf simulator solution truly comes with everything you need to build you own home golf simulator out of one single large box. We did a full unboxing of the Foresight Sports Sim in a Box Eagle Plus Package which you can watch below where we take you through every single item that is included.

As you can see in the video this truly is a all-in-one golf simulator package that includes the well known Foresight Sports GCQUAD golf launch monitor, gaming computer, computer cart, projector, keyboard, screen and enclosure, turf, Fiberbuilt Hitting Mat, Cables, and more! You literally do not need anything other than your golf clubs and a ball after you assemble it.

We also took the time to create a video that shows how you can assemble the Foresight Sim in a Box Eagle Plus Package with only one person and also demonstrated iron shots, driver, and putting. Check out the Golf Simulator Build of Sim in a Box below.

More about the Foresight Sports Sin in a Box

Waiting for the biggest simulation bang for the buck? Look no further. SIM‑IN‑A‑BOX™ is the most complete all-in-one virtual golf package available today. And because it comes with the best launch monitor in the industry, you not only get true-to-life game performance indoors, you get the game’s best performance analysis tool for outdoors as well.

SIM‑IN‑A‑BOX™ packages deliver uncompromising virtual golf gameplay in the most compact, efficiently organized footprint possible – which means you now have even more options for where and when you want to play.

Every SIM‑IN‑A‑BOX™ package includes every component necessary to enjoy true-to-life golf gameplay, including a GC launch monitor, game-optimized computer, hitting mat, and complete net or screen-based hitting structure.

Don’t have the space or the need for a dedicated virtual golf studio? Not a problem. SIM‑IN‑A‑BOX™ solution can be disassembled and stored as easily as it goes together.


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