UNEEKOR DISCOUNTS! New EYE XO & EYE XO 2 Pricing & Subscriptions

UNEEKOR Discounts are here! UNEEKOR has announced all new pricing on UNEEKOR EYE XO, EYE XO 2, and QED. Not only are prices dropping but EYE XO 2 is now being packages with Performance Optix that comes with the Swing Optix Cameras & Balance Optix Mat. If you are looking to build a UNEEKOR Golf Simulator be sure to email me for the best information and pricing at: [email protected]

More about UNEEKOR Golf

With EYE XO2 All In, there’s nothing left to buy. Right out of the box, you’re equipped with all the training tools to elevate your game. Experience a new level of golf training, designed to deliver results with Performance Optix.

Experience unmatched realism and performance with the EYE XO2, driven by proven camera-based technology. Enhance your game with our advanced Refine+ and GameDay software. Play all your favorite courses using Uneekor Launcher.

Whether you’re working on your swing, your balance, or your ball flight we’ve got you covered. View Software paired with Performance Optix creates your All-In training studio.

Every data point that you need at your fingertips, not behind a paywall. Use actionable data to elevate your training. When paired with Performance Optix technology, it’s never been easier to define and expand your skill set anywhere you play.

Experience our most advanced overhead launch monitor, featuring three high-speed cameras, patented EYE XO engine, a 300% larger hitting zone, and ultra realistic rough and bunker mat recognition. EYE XO2 delivers “The closest thing to the real thing.”

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