UNEEKOR AI TRAINER Golf Swing Analyzer & Swing Optix Cameras [FREE TRIAL]

Watch as we review the new UNEEKOR AI Trainer Golf Swing Analyzer software using Swing Optix Cameras and UNEEKOR EYE MINI Golf Launch Monitor. Looking to Build a Golf Simulator? Be sure to email me for the best information & pricing at: [email protected]

If you are a current UNEEKOR Swing Optix Camera owner snag your Limited Free Trial Download and check out UNEEKOR AI Trainer yourself and let me know what you think!

More about the UNEEKOR AI Trainer Golf Swing Analyzer Software
Advanced Performance Analytics: Dive deeper into your swing with comprehensive insights.
Real-time Feedback: Refine your technique with instant, actionable guidance.

The AI Trainer Golf Swing Analyzer Software combines Uneekor’s patented Swing Optix camera technology and the power of AI to quickly segment a golfer’s swing into eight image frames for diagnosis. In an instant, each position is analyzed to provide an overall swing score, identify areas for golfer’s to improve their swing, and recommendations to correct them. This new technology will assist golfers at home combining the golf simulator with golf tips that were not easily accessible before.

Stay tuned for more UNEEKOR coverage and comment below to let me know what you would like to see next in the golf simulator space!

00:00 UNEEKOR AI Trainer Intro
01:25 AI Trainer First Shot
02:31 AI Trainer Software Review
05:26 UNEEKOR Swing Optix Camera Settings
07:39 UNEEKOR EYE MINI Shot Shaping Test
09:30 Final Thoughts

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