UNEEKOR Announces December 2023 Holiday Sale

uneekor golf simulator

Just when you thought things might not get better after the recent Black Friday sale from UNEEKOR, think again. Starting December 1st, 2023 they have announced a Holiday Promotion Sale that is slashing prices on UNEEKOR EYE XO 2, UNEEKOR EYE XO, UNEEKOR QED, and the latest portable Golf Launch Monitor, UNEEKOR MINI.

uneekor eye xo golf simulator

Starting off with UNEEKOR EYE XO 2 which has a retail price of $14,000, you can now buy the unit for $10,990! It really gets even better if EYE XO works for you now being slashed from a retail price of $10,000 on sale for only $7,790! Check out the details on UNEEKOR EYE XO 2 below and email me for the best information and pricing.

If portable is your thing or you are in a small space, UNEEKOR EYE MINI is a great unit as you have probably seen in my video reviews. This unit usually retails for $4,500 which is a great deal, but now with this December 2023 Holiday Sale you can buy it for only $3,490, the lowest price ever! Email me to get all of the information and also to learn more about package deals on enclosures, turf, projectors, and more for your home golf simulator build.


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