How to Setup Swing Cameras for UNEEKOR GOLF SIMULATORS (Swing Optix)

Learn how to properly setup UNEEKOR Swing Optix Cameras for UNEEKOR GOLF SIMULATORS. In this video I will be using the UNEEKOR EYE XO with Swing Optix Cameras integrated with the UNEEKOR VIEW Software for the Swing Analyzer review and tools. Looking to Build a Golf Simulator? Shoot me an email at: [email protected]

More about the UNEEKOR SWING OPTIX Golf Swing Analyzer Setup

Designed specifically for the Uneekor Eye Mini, QED and EYE XO, and Eye XO2 launch monitors, the Swing Optix software and camera system captures down-the-line and face-on swing videos to optimize a golfer’s swing. The 1440 x 1080 resolution camera system captures up to 180 FPS frame rate and allows you to analyze and breakdown your swings frame-by-frame with slow-motion playback and colored drawing tools. Included with the Swing Optix Cameras is Uneekor’s patented swing-motion software license.

Swing Optix Analysis Package Includes:
(2) Premium high-speed motion capture cameras – 180 fps at 1080p
(2) interchangeable camera lenses (Telephoto and Fisheye)
(1) 6.5ft USB 3.0 cable and (2) 16.4ft USB 3.0 cables
(1) Swing-motion software license that unlocks a new level of swing motion analytics with complete spine-angle and full swing arc data
Swing Plane line view
Compatible with QED Ignite, EYE XO View, Refine, and Refine+ software
Camera Specifications:
Lens: 2.5mm
Aperture: 1.2
Resolution: Up to 1440 x 1080
Frame rate: Up to 180fps USB 3.0
Uneekor Swing Optix Tripods sold separately.

02:29 Golf Swing Example
02:36 UNEEKOR Swing Path Video Review
04:10 Proper Golf Swing Camera Exposure
05:23 Golf Swing Camera Lighting
07:41 Slow Motion Video Projector Flicker
10:24 Golf Swing Camera Setup Distances
11:47 Final Swing Camera Setup Thoughts

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