Foresight Sports FSX PLAY – FIRST LOOK! (Golf Simulator Software) 🏌⛳

Watch our First Look Review of Foresight Sports FSX Play Golf Simulator Software. The FSX Play Software has gone through an entire overhaul from FSX 2020 and we are here to give you a full walkthrough of the user interface, features, graphics, and more. Watch as we head out to the FSX Play practice facility and even go out and play a few holes using the Foresight Sports GCQUAD Golf Launch Monitor.

To start I will take you through the Foresight Sports FSX Play user interface to show you the new rich home screen and settings. Then we will head off to the all-new FSX Play Paris driving range to hit some balls by the Eiffel Tower. Following a few shots on the practice green we will tee off at the famous Torrey Pines South Course to play a few holes and demonstrate all of the on-course features of Foresight Sports FSX Play along with ball characteristics, flyovers, putting, and more. Then to wrap things up I will demo the Blue Bayou course and take a few more shots and show short putting and cup physics.

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00:00 Intro
00:05 FSX Play UI Overview
03:20 FSX Play Paris Driving Range
08:55 FSX Play Course Settings
10:31 Playing Torrey Pines on FSX Play
20:06 Blue Bayou on FSX Play
23:00 Short Putting on FSX Play
25:06 FSX Play Final Thoughts

About the Foresight Sports GCQUAD

The Foresight Sports GCQuad is a portable golf launch monitor that is high-speed camera and infrared based. The Quadrascopic technology takes detailed pictures of the ball and club still while still allowing the the unit to be placed almost two feet across from the ball on the ground. This advanced camera technology allows the Foresight GCQuad to be a simple setup in most environments from outdoor driving ranges to smaller indoor simulator rooms,

Whether you are an amateur just getting started or a golf professional looking to give advanced instruction, the Foresight GCQuad can accommodate. Take a look at the detailed information we have provided below and if you are interested in purchasing a Foresight Sports Product such as the GCQuad Golf Launch Monitor we can help, CONTACT US today.

Ball speed
Horizontal & vertical launch angles
Side spin
Carry distance
* Club head speed
* Smash factor
* Angle of attack
* Club path
* Loft at impact
* Lie & face angle at impact
* Impact location on the club face
*Available with club add-on (additional purchase necessary)

2-year warranty
Power adapter & cable
USB-C cable
Alignment stick
Club marker dispenser
Common GCQuad Questions & Answers
Q: How much does GCQuad cost?

The Foresight Sports GCQuad is designed to deliver years of trusted, reliable performance. From range practice to full immersion simulation, whether for education or entertainment, the Foresight Sports GCQuad will truly change your game.

To properly use the GCQuad, place the device upright on a level surface approximately 22” away from the hitting area. If a hitting mat is used, make sure the device is raised to the same level as the hitting surface. For extra stability on uneven surfaces, the kickstand can be deployed at the bottom of the unit.

• Unmatched ball and club performance data in a single
compact unit
• Compact, ergonomic, and easy-to-carry
• Even greater indoor / outdoor readiness in a ruggedized,
weather-resistant form factor
• An integrated solid-state NIR LED lighting array eliminates
the need for fl ash replacement

You-Asked-For-It Upgrades
• Easily and accurately set the target line with the included
target alignment stick
• A larger outdoor-viewable display
• An expanded ball capture area – up to 6 times larger than the GC2
• Greater device connectivity – including WiFi and Ethernet
• A built-in barometric altitude sensor for the most precise
down-range values possible
• A swappable, long-life Lithium-Ion battery for simple, easy
power management

We couldn’t be more excited to share this first look video of the Foresight Sports FSX Play golf Simulator software with our viewers. As always, thanks for watching!


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