Foresight Sports FSX Play Golf Simulator Update! NEW FEATURE REVIEW!

Watch as we review the new Foresight Sports FSX Play Golf Simulator software updates and features. This exciting new release includes things like ability to switch players during rounds, full data analysis, and more! If you are looking to build a home golf simulator or commercial golf simulator facility be sure to email me at: [email protected]

More about Foresight Sports FSX Play Golf Simulator Software

FSX Play is the next evolution of true-to-life graphics in golf simulation. With a whole new graphics engine, you’ll experience the game like never before. Rich textures, 3D grass, enhanced lighting, updated UI and HUD, and ultra-smooth gameplay make you feel like you’re on the course.

FSX Play uses the Unity graphics engine to deliver a whole new level of virtual golf realism to every course and game experience. And because it’s powered by the game’s most accurate and trusted launch monitors, your indoor game just got as challenging, entertaining, and as real as it gets.

All Currently Offered FSX 2020 Courses will be converted for use within FSX PLAY. The conversion process will occur as quickly as possible to allow all users to experience their course library in FSX PLAY as soon as possible.

FSX PLAY Software Installation
System Requirements:
(minimum spec)
Operating System: 64 Bit Windows 10 or greater
not supported: iOS, Linux
Processor: 7th Gen or greater Intel i5, i7, and i9 processors
not recommended: AMD CPU
Memory/RAM: 8GB system memory
recommended: 16GB+ for Swing Camera/Swing Catalyst use
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 or greater
recommended for Quality/Optimal Performance: GeForce RTX 3070ti/3080/3090
not supported: Nvidia Quadro, AMD GPU

More about this FSX Play Update
Release Date: February 16th, 2023
FSX PLAY v1.6.0.4:
New & Improved Features:
Online Skills Challenge
In-Game Shot Analysis Screens
In-Game Player Turn Selection
Performance and Stability Improvements

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