Flightscope Mevo Plus Setup – Wellputt Putting Mat Review

Flightscope Mevo Plus Setup – Wellputt Putting Mat Review. In this review video I take the WellPutt Putting Mat and pair it up with the Flightscope Mevo Plus to achieve the Flightscope recommended environment setup which you can find on my website here:

The Flightscope Mevo+ launch monitor is a radar based device that can work both indoor and outdoor for golf data and golf simulator use.

What data parameters does Mevo+ provide?
Mevo+ provides Carry Distance, Club Head Speed, Smash Factor, Apex Height, Flight Time, Ball Speed, Vertical Launch Angle, Horizontal Launch Angle, Lateral Landing, Angle of Attack, Total Distance, Roll Distance, Spin Axis, Spin Rate and Spin Loft.

I have been really happy with the Flightscope Mevo+ and have enjoyed using it both for indoor golf simulator play and also outdoor range use. I think that for the price segment the Mevo+ is in it holds a great value to amateurs and golf professionals.

The Mevo+ is a consumer 3D Doppler Tracking radar with the following:
Built-in camera for alignment purposes
No self leveling feet – the body rests on the surface with the rear leg pulled open
Simulator Angle stencil to get the Mevo+ in the correct angle for simulation
Off the shelf rechargeable batteries
WiFi Connectivity
Micro USB Charging – Support port

About the WellPutt Putting Mat:

Our designers have created a mat suitable for modern home interiors. Contrasts allow better visibility of the mapping areas.

Used by the world’s top professional players, the Wellputt Mats are the most scientifically accurate in reproducing a real-life green. Their patented design & rolling speed have been tested by our engineers and coach Cameron McCormick to make you a putting expert.

Length : 13 ft
Width : 1.64 ft
Stimp meter speed : 10/11.5 ft (High Speed)
Weight : 4.3 lbs
Approved by Cameron McCormick
Aiming & speed control training
More than 50 practice exercises
Wellputt App for iOS & android

Wellputt mats are designed to improve putting skills for all golfers. Whether you are a beginning golfer, an accomplished player, or even a professional, our products offer proven putting exercises that will lower your scores. Whether used for fun or serious practice, Wellputt is the Ultimate Putting Mat!

About WellPutt LLC
Wellputt develops putting training concepts in collaboration with Coach Cameron McCormick. For more than 10 years, our engineers and designers have been working to offer you the best quality products.

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