Foresight Sports GC3 GAMES! Fairgrounds Review, Demo, & Setup Info (Golf Simulator)

Looking for Games for your Golf Simulator? Foresight Sports GC3 now has Games! The Foresight Sports Fairgrounds Game software offers Bowling, Puttskee, Darts, Balloon Pop, and more! Looking to Buy Foresight Sports GC3, GCQUAD, Sim in a Box, or something else? Be sure to email me at: [email protected] for the best information and pricing!

In this Foresight Sports Fairgrounds Review Video I will take you through the software setup, settings, plus give a preview and demonstrations of the various games. This is a great piece of golf simulator software to get the whole family and kids involved playing in your golf simulator.

Foresight Fairgrounds is our dedicated game application available as a free download to all FSX 2020 & FSX 2018 users. Combining classic carnival-style skill-building with fast paced skill building, Foresight Fairgrounds is ideal for a casual golfing experience among younger golfers and families.

Combining classic carnival-style fun with short game skill-building, our Fairgrounds game pack is designed to deliver hours of fun for the entire family. Even beginning golfers will love this ever-growing collection of games which includes favorites like putt skee, balloon pop, shooting gallery, splash wall, and darts.

The GC3 by Foresight has three precision cameras for both ball and club data. Four ways to connect. A touch screen display that’s easy to read indoors and out. Add it all up and you’ve got the ultimate personal launch monitor.

Data points provided by Foresight Sports GC3

Launch Angle
Side Angle
Ball Speed
Total Spin
Back Spin
Spide Spin
Spin Axis
Carry Distance
Total Distance*
Offline Distance*
Descent Angle*
Peak Height*
* through FSX or FSX Pro Software only.

Clubhead Speed
Smash Factor
Club Path
Angle of Attack

From the PGA Tour to the home simulator, our GC line of launch monitors is the most awarded, most trusted, and best selling professional-grade launch monitor line ever. When performance matters, the choice is easy — GC3.

The award-winning simulation packages, combined with the GC3, make the game’s best indoor experience possible — now at an almost impossibly low price.

Thanks to the advanced photometric technology inside, the GC3 remains accurate and reliable both on the range and in your home simulator. No other launch monitor tech compares with the GC line when it comes to delivering real-time performance insight.

The GC3 isn’t just a weapon of mass instruction, it’s your gateway to a whole new gaming experience. Combine it with our FSX performance and gaming suite and enjoy hundreds of world-class courses, skill-building games, and global leagues and competitions.

About Foresight Sports
Located in San Diego, California, Foresight Sports is a designer and manufacturer of performance analysis and game enhancement technologies. Our products include launch monitors, simulators, performance/entertainment software, and smart mobility solutions for a variety of sports and games.

As pioneers in the development of camera-based launch monitors, Foresight Sports first golf launch monitor, the GC2 “Game Changer” Smart Camera System was introduced to the market in 2010 and within six years became the best-selling professional-grade launch monitor ever created.

In 2017, Foresight Sports unveiled its ground-breaking four-camera GCQuad launch monitor. Featuring complete ball, club head, and putting data in a compact and portable unit, the GCQuad set a whole new standard of accuracy for performance analytics, and has been awarded Golf Digest’s Editors’ Choice Award for Best Launch Monitor for four consecutive years. The GCQuad has also become the launch monitor of choice for more PGA Tour players, top golf retailers and manufactures, and coaches and fitters than any other technology.

Foresight Sports is now recognized by equipment manufacturers, top professional golfers, and media outlets as the industry leader in performance measurement systems.

Today, Foresight Sports is a total technology provider, with more than 15,000 GC launch monitors including the all-new GC3, along with golf simulation solutions in use in retail stores, driving ranges, commercial facilities, and homes worldwide. With engineering, manufacturing, and quality-assurance teams all located under one roof, Foresight Sports offers complete, vertically integrated solutions for every segment of the market

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