SKYTRAK GOLF SIMULATOR PUTTING – What YOU Should Know! Tips, Tricks, & More

This video is all about SkyTrak Golf Simulator Putting. We are going to talk about how to properly setup the SkyTrak for putting, discuss tips on how to get SkyTrak to work the best, along with full demonstrations of SkyTrak putting and more. If you are looking to buy the SkyTrak Launch Monitor, I can help! Email me at:

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We are going to head out to the TGC 2019 Golf Simulator Software Putting Practice area to demonstrate the SkyTrak Golf Launch monitor in action when properly setup for putting. There are many things you should know about the SkyTrak Golf Simulator Putting. First off that it is a photometric based unit and light can have an effect! For instance flickering LED lights can cause misses! Make sure you have lights that are flicker free. Next is the putting and roll itself. Yes, SkyTrak can work in a very small space with limited roll but if you launch it for any reason just like real life it could throw off alignment. Also, for alignment and setup you should Launch the SkyTrak app first to check roll and tils of the unit to make sure it is level. Then you can hit a few chips or putts to check alignment, I just use the straight lines in my golf simulator room and it works great. Be aware of possible interference from the metal case! I have had several people put metal cases on their SkyTrak which has caused putting issues.

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SkyTrak is a camera-based launch monitor that captures high-speed images of the ball immediately after impact. The images captured are used to measure parameters necessary to render shot shape and carry distance.


Your SkyTrak goes where you go. Practice and play rain or shine, 365 days a year, in the comfort of your home — even in limited space. Place a ball on a hitting mat or level ground and swing away.

SkyTrak enables you to input a series of desired variables and environmental factors such as weather and course conditions. This helps simulate real world golf and provides more accurate shot analysis.


SkyTrak accurately captures, displays and contrasts your ball flight data. Key measurement parameters include: ball speed, launch angle, side spin, back spin, side angle and more.

Club data points provided
Clubhead speed (calculated) and smash factor (calculated).


The system is embedded with its own rechargeable battery and serves as its own Wi-Fi hotspot so it can operate with no wires, cables or tethering. Connect wirelessly to a device and generate launch data in seconds.

Add on a simulation package and enjoy a realistic golf course experience at home, using your own clubs and balls. Available for iOS or PC, simulation puts you on the green of the world’s most famous courses.

About TGC 2019 Golf Simulator Software

The #1 Golf Simulation Software with loads of pre-designed courses and online play.

The most advanced and affordable 3D golf simulator software available on the market today. The software has been uniquely designed to experience the ultimate 3D golf simulation for home, professional and commercial use.

Using your own clubs, you set up to hit the shot just as you would on a real course. The next generaton gaming software allows you to drive off the tee, hit fairway shots, pitch, chip and putt the ball into the hole. Experience your draws and slices just as in real. After every shot the simulator flies, in impressive graphics, along the ball’s trajectory to where the ball ends, ready for the next shot. Detailed swing analyzer info is provided to improve your game.

Design a new golf course with just 4 clicks or use your creative skills and imagination to create something from scratch using the included golf course designer.

Feel yourself at the golf course!

Visually stunning HD graphics upto 4K
Unlimited golf courses
Widescreen Ultra HD
Fully featured course editor
Create, edit and share golf courses
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More game modes, more features, more everything.
The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA TOUR is the sequel to the highly rated The Golf Club 2 and comes with a whole host of new content and features across all aspects of the game, from single player to online play and the award-winning course designer, making it the deepest and most comprehensive golf game yet.


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