Best Golf Simulator Projector for 2022? BenQ LK936ST REVIEW! 4K + 16:10!

Looking for the Best Golf Simulator Projector? Well the all-new BenQ LK936ST might just top all Golf Simulator Projectors yet! With Laser lit 5,100lm 4k Plus 16:10 WQXGA this might just be the best golf simulator projector for 2022! Watch at we do a full unboxing and BenQ LK936ST review discussing the specs along with other important golf simulator projector information. If you are asking yourself, “What is the best golf simulator projector?” you will want to watch this video!

The new LK936ST basically takes the amazing 4K abilities of the LK935ST along with the awesome immersive 16:10 format of the LU935ST and combines them for the ultimate golf simulator projector.

LK936ST Specifications and Information

Better Image
· 5,100 ANSI lumens
· 4K UHD (8.3M pixels); 16:9 aspect ratio (able to adjust to 16:10, 4:3, and 2.4 : 1)
· New WQXGA resolution mode
· New Picture Mode: Golf Mode; tailored for Golf Sim software to provide a immersive experience and avoid cartoony color performance
· Cinema grade 92% Rec.709 color gamut coverage
· DLP technology – never turn yellow

Easier installation
· Short-throw lens; .81-.89 : 1; 10’ away for a 12’ width screen
· 1.1x zoom
· 2D Lens shift: Vertical: +/-60% Horizontal: +/-23%
· Geometric adjustment: 3D keystone, Corner Fit, Digital Shrink & shift
· Laser Light Source with dustproof filter free engine

Key Features
4K and 5100 ANSI Lumens deliver vivid images for entertainment rooms
Exclusive Golf Mode designed for golf simulators
4K Upscaling technology upgrades the resolution of all projected images to
92% Rec.709 color gamut coverage for optimal color performance
.81-.89 Short Throw brings an immersive experience with zero blinding
lights and disruptions
Large vertical and horizontal lens shift ranges for convenient installation
3D Keystone and Corner Fit for optimal alignment of the projected image
Digital Shrink and Shift without distortion
Superior Laser-based light source guarantees performance for 20,000
BenQ Dust Guard features a filter-free sealed optical engine which ensures
that the projector’s brilliant colors last long

What makes LK936ST the best home golf projector?

Experience Superb Image Quality
Powered by our revolutionary laser technology, LK936ST’s true 4K resolution
and 5,100 ANSI lumen brightness provides even more stunning clarity with a
stratospherically high contrast ratio for true blacks, vividly rich colors, and fine
subtle details. LK936ST’s projection utilizes a dual color wheel system that covers an
unparalleled 92% of the Rec.709 color gamut, the industry-wide standard for
color reproduction in HD videos and movies.

With some laser projections, color aberration can cause excess blues and purples
where they’re not intended. To eliminate this issue, BenQ teamed up with color
experts to develop an exclusive Golf Mode. As a quick settings option, Golf Mode
corrects purple fringing using the blue and green colors from popular golf software
thereby allowing golfers to immerse themselves in the lush greens and vivid blues of
the golf course from their home. Aside from Golf Mode, LK936ST also offers 7
professionally tuned picture modes to optimize your viewing experience no
matter the scenario.

Setup Your Golf Simulator Projector with Ease

Installing the projector in the right location might be troublesome for many
installers. In order to be able to place the projector above and behind the hitting
area without creating unsightly shadows or glare, LK936ST is equipped with a 0.81–
0.89 fixed short throw ratio and is compatible with an optional mounting kit.

With a large lens shift range of up to 60% vertically and 23% horizontally,
LK936ST is able to be positioned off the center of the screen. However, it is worth
noting that the overall range available for vertical and horizontal lens shift (“effective
projection position” in the image below) is not a rectangle, so as you shift along one
axis, the range available to shift along the other access will shrink.

The best part is for aspect ratio 16 : 10, LK936ST has a new video timing that provides a
WQXGA 2560×1600 with 4K UHD 8.3M pixels image! We really think this is the best golf simulator projector for 2022! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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02:18 LK936ST Unboxing & Specs
09:54 LK936ST Installation
12:58 Golf Simulator Software Demo with LK936ST
20:24 LK936ST Wrap Up


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