Golf Simulator Software Review – GSPro / SGT OFFICIAL RELEASE! (FIRST LOOK)

Watch the our golf simulator review covering the official release for GSPRO Golf Simulator Software! We will talk about the SGT Tour, New Features, Show Courses, Play some Golf, and more using the UNEEKOR EYE XO Golf Launch Monitor.

Visit the GSPRO Golf Simulator Software Website:
Visit the Simulator Golf Tour Website:
GSPro Course Design Tutorial Website:

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About GSPro Golf Simulator Software

GSPro Golf Simulator Software is the leader in next generation golf simulation software. Amazing 4k graphics, ultra realistic ball physics and a massive community who constantly contributes.

GSPro was created as a true simulator. It isn’t an arcade’y video game forked into the simulation space. This is real golf simulation software.

4K Graphics
Stunning, lifelike, in-game graphics built on the Unity gaming engine

Online Community
A large community actively building courses with the OPCS tools and playing on the SGT Online Tour.

Realistic Ball Physics
Unrivaled game physics set GSPro apart from the competition

Continuous Improvements
We are just getting started. Constant game updates with new features

Both the subscription based model and the one-time purchase lifetime model allow you to start playing GSPro at an affordable price.

Subscription License:
This option is similar to the popular software as a service model often seen. You pay an annual fee, and as long as you continue to subscribe and pay, you always get to play the latest and greatest version of GSPro. If you cancel your subscription, you no longer have access to GSPro.

Lifetime License:
The Lifetime license is for users who want to outright own the version of GSPro they buy. The lifetime license includes all updates to the version of the game that they purchase. Lifetime does not include new “major” versions of GSPro, an example being “GSPro 2023”.

Once a new major version of GSPro Golf Simulator Software has been released, a lifetime licensed user can upgrade their lifetime license to the latest version for the subscription price of $250 ($200 if the lifetime license was purchased between 10/1/2021 and 11/1/2021), as long as the major versions follow each other.

Mouse controls only subscription:
Coming soon. This feature will remain in beta while the chefs work the kinks out of the mouse controls. The recipe doesn’t taste just right yet.

GSPro requires a Windows PC with at least:

4GB free space
GTX 1070 or RX 580 GPU, minimum.
Stabel internet Connection
Ethernet port and/or BT depending on Launch Monitor

Certain features such as online tournament play and online miltiplayer require GSPro to be running the latest version available.

GSPro Golf Simulator Software does not include any courses. But good news, all the courses are created by the GSPro community and are available for free!

We promised to offer the best simulator software on the market, at the best price possible, and we did not disappoint! With two affordable options available, we have made it possible for everyone to get involved.

GSPro Golf Simulator Software Lifetime

You own it, forever!
Includes all updates to the purchased major version
4K Graphics
Driving Range
Community Course Support
Online Multiplayer*
SGT Online Tour (Requires SGT Subscription)

GSPro Golf Simulator Software Annual w/Simulator
$250 / year
$200 / year
Special introduction price. Lock in at $200 a year for the lifetime of the subscription. (promo ends 11/1/2021)
Includes updates for the life of the subscription
4K Graphics
Driving Range
Community Course Support
Online Multiplayer
SGT Online Tour (Requires SGT Subscription)

00:00 GSPro Golf Simulator Software Intro
02:50 GSPro User Interface, Setup, and Settings
04:50 SGT Simulator Golf Tour Website Overview
05:52 GSPro Online Game Menu
06:10 GSPro Driving Range
09:30 GSPro On-Course Practice
12:25 GSPro Flyovers & Free Fly
14:50 GSPro Demo Shots
15:30 GSPro Chipping
16:28 GSPro Putting
18:08 Playing a Hole on GSPro
25:47 GSPro Golf Simulator Software Wrap Up


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