GSPro Golf Simulator UPDATE – Putting & More (UNEEKOR EYE XO)

GSPro Golf Simulator Software has received another big update. We will show you the new putting features along with penalties and talk about other changes using the Uneekor EYE XO Launch Monitor to demonstrate golf shots. Looking to buy the UNEEKOR EYE XO or QED? I can help, just email me at: [email protected]

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The SGT Simulator Golf Tour is an online golf tour that allows players, using supported Launch Monitors to play with real clubs, real balls, and compete with players from all over the world in weekly tournaments. Players will ultimately compete to become the SGT Tour Champion.

At SGT, we use GSPro software as our golf simulation software of choice. GSPro provides real world ball physics and a superb selection of geo referenced LIDAR modelled replications of the worlds best courses.

We are not affiliated with any other simulator software/hardware companies in anyway. We are run by volunteered tour members.

A typical tour season will consist of upwards of 24 events, over a 6 month period. Currently the Simulator tour is scheduled to provide players the chance to play SGT versions of many of the perennial real life Tour stops the top professionals in the world tackle week in week out.

The SGT Simulator Golf Tour features full automatic scoring direct from the simulation software, back to our SGT servers, giving real time leaderboards, as well as a full array of statistical reports and shot history data. This allows players to both see where the stack up against their opponents and also assess how they played by comparing stats such as FIR, GIR, Long Drive, Total Putts, Proximity, and much more.

As an SGT Tour Player you also have access to a fantastic selection of Game Improvement and Practice tools, including the Shot Tracking Driving Range, which allows full averaging and gapping of clubs and launch paramaters. This information can also be shared with our current PGA Professional, whos services you can employ to help you improve both your Sim and Real Life game.

Aside from Full Tour events, SGT Players get to play in weekly Exhibition Events as well. Playing on yet more of GSpro’s selection of the worlds best courses that currently aren’t feature on the professional tours. They can also participate on Team Events where 2 to 4 players can player together in real time, live multiplayer matches on a variety of game modes including Scrambles, 4balls, 4somes, and Matchplay competitions.

Using our dedicated Discord server players can also both voice and text chat in real time during their rounds, and use the service as a hub to chat all things golf and more with their fellow SGT players, set up social games, and add even more to their online golf experience.

Please comment below what you think of the new GS Pro Golf Simulator software and let me know what you would like me to cover next. I plan on showing the GS Pro Practice area and doing some livestreams soon to show a full round at one of the courses.

The UNEEKOR EYE XO is the most advanced overhead camera based golf launch monitor for several reason. One, is the EYE non-marking ball technology allows you to play, practice, and train with any ball you choose. Second, is all inclusive for the most accurate club data measured in real time.

EYEXO VIEW Data Output

Ball Data: Club Data:
• Back Spin
• Side Spin
• Total Spin
• Spin Axis
• Ball Impact on Club Face
• Smash Factor
• Club Speed
• Club Path
• Club Face Angle
• Attack Angle
• Club Loft Angle,
• Club Lie Angle,
• Impact Point Vertical
• Impact Point Horizontal
*Ball data: Dimple read *Club data: Read with reflective stickers

Clubface strike is one of the most important variables in golf consistency. Where on the face
you hit the ball affects: launch, spin, spin axis, distance, and club fitting. One way to develop a
consistent club face strike is understanding exactly where you hit it. The Club OPTIXTM allows you
to see where you exaclty strike the ball on the face and gives you a visual example of adjustments
necessary to improve consistency.


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