Uneekor QED Golf Simulator Review – Refine Shortgame Complex Overview

Uneekor QED Golf Simulator Review – Refine Shortgame Complex Overview
In this video I review the Uneekor QED Golf Simualtor and give a brief overview of the Shortgame Complex Module in the Refine Uneekor QED Golf Simulator Software. If you are considering a Uneekor Golf Simualtor email me, I can help a98cr125@gmail.com

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In my opnion when you are looking for a Golf Simulator you rely on reviews to show you want features they have, the accuracy, and what the software details look like. I did my best in this overview review to show you what the Uneekor QED Refine Software ShortGame Complex Module offers in a reasonable amount of time. I did various Approach Shots, Chipping, and Putting to show you the Uneekor QED performance.

I will be doing Golf Simualtor Reviews on the Uneekor QED for all of the various software modules like the driving range, golf courses, and challenge. I will also review the available 3rd party golf simulator software like TGC 2019, Creative Golf 3D, and E6 Connect so be sure to subscribe to the channel for more great content and reviews.

I have been very impressed with how easy the Uneekor QED is to setup and the space required. I know many people plan for garage golf especially setting units and mats up in their garage for simulator golf and Uneekor can accommodate most garage spaces which is great.

A golf simulator is a set of equipment that allows you to play golf on a graphically simulated golf course. It is a combination of software and hardware like simulator mats, sonic sound system, optical sensor system, radar, ball tracking system and cameras. A golf simulator presents club speed, clubface angle and impact, club path, ball path, ball speed, horizontal and vertical launch angle, and spin.

Golf hitting mats: Golf hitting mat is the replacement of the golf course. It is used to hit the ball and play with comfort. Projector screens: One of the most important things is the projector screen. It shows you where your shots are heading. Projector: Projector is another important equipment of the golf simulator. Each room requires a projector according to its own needs. Golf hitting net: You need the golf hitting net to catch your flying ball. A solid and dependable net might be a little bit expensive but it will last a long time. Simulator or launch monitor: it is the most crucial part of the golf simulator. This electronic device measures aspects like what happened to a golf ball when you struck it with your golf club. Computer: In order to use the golf simulator you need to install the software first. So this is why you need a computer. Golf simulation software: Without the golf simulation software you won’t be able to play golf with your golf simulator. The golf simulation software calculates your shorts and gives you the result.

Are you thinking of buying a golf simulator? Or do you want to build up your own golf simulator at home? Comment below with your questions and we would be more than happy to get to them as soon as possible.

Uneekor QED Golf Simulator uses a camera based system. Here is a brief overview of camera systems.

Camera Systems
Cameras are becoming the norm in golf simulation. In general, one, two, three or four cameras are used that continuously monitor the play area. The downward swing path, impact, club face angle, launch angle and ball speed are all captured by the high speed cameras, normally running at around 100 to 120 frames per second. Camera data is processed using complex physics algorithms to produce a multitude of data such as back spin, side spin, trajectory, club face angle, swing path, loft, distance, carry and roll. The, most common types of camera measurement system are Triggered and Continuous. With triggered systems, Images are taken only after the club has passed through a trigger point to activate the camera. With continuous systems, the camera records permanently, and data is processed once impact with the ball is observed. Continuous cameras must be capable of frame rates in excess of 100 frames per second per camera. Such systems are used by Bogolf, Visual Sports, Sports Coach Systems and Full Swing Golf. For both methods, one camera is floor mounted facing the ball trajectory from the side, the other is over head mounted and facing down. ProTee United is using a high speed sensor system to read club head information, special floor sensors for putting and two high speed cameras (one on the floor and one on the ceiling) to pick up ball flight information.[4] An alternative method of measuring these two angles is to mount both cameras in the upper left and right corners of the bay. This is known as stereoscopic image processing.

Uneekor QED Golf Simulator Review – Refine Shortgame Complex Overview
In this video I review the Uneekor QED Golf Simualtor and give a brief overview of the Shortgame Complex Module in the Refine Uneekor QED Golf Simulator Software.

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