Golf Simulator Videos – UNEEKOR QED Refine Course Review (Two Rivers)

Golf Simulator Videos – UNEEKOR QED Refine Course Review (Two Rivers). In this video I take the UNEEKOR QED Golf Simulator and review the Two Rivers Golf Course which is part of the UNEEKOR QED Refine Golf Simulator Package.

About the UNEEKOR QED Golf Simulator:

The UNEEKOR QED Golf Simulator is becoming the standard for indoor golf. This high speed camera based overhead golf launch monitor is easy to install, incredibly accurate, and provides club and ball feedback that is second to none.

The UNEEKOR QED Launch Monitor is capable of deliver precise data such as Apex, Backspin, Ball Speed, Carry, Club Path, Club Spee, Dist. to Apex, Face Angle, Face to Path, Flight Time, Landing Angle, Side Spin, Smash Factor, Launch Angle, Side Total, Total, and more.

UNEEKOR QED is where passion meets precision. Advanced mathematics mingle with hyper-precise sensors – capturing crystal clear moments in time. High-speed photos of your club and ball spin recite every aspect of your swing. Enhanced graphics reveal a vivid world in the finest detail.

QED is an initialism of the Latin phrase “quod erat demonstrandum” meaning “what is proven or demonstrated.”

Golf Simulation with Cutting Edge Technology
• Provides authentic swing experience to enhance performance
• Verified data results in productive practice and accurate fitting
• Multiple practice modes for endless entertainment

Any Golfer Regardless of Skill Can Unlock Confidence in Every Swing
Array of Features Include but not Limited to:
Shot Skills & Training
Drive Range
Shortgame Complex
Accurate Fitting
Precise Photometric Data
Course Management
Stroke Play Mode
Course Practice Mode
Built-In Swing Analysis Software

UNEEKOR QED Refine Software Includes

• UNEEKOR OPTIX: Validated Photographic Technology providing actual club impact and ball spin videos of each shot
• Fitting data
• 3D Driving range
• Swing Motion Analysis Tool
(*option to purchase (2) add on cameras)
• Stroke Play: Total 5, 18-hole golf courses for up to 6 players
• Course Practice: On course practice
mode for an individual player
• Driving Range:
Lake Range, Peak Range, & Targeting Range.
• Short Game Training:
Approach & Putting
• QED Challenge mode


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