Flightscope MEVO+ Playing e6 Connect via iPad Air

Flightscope MEVO+ Playing e6 Connect via iPad Air – BUY Mevo+ Today at the best price online

Several people were asking to have the Flightscope MEVO+ hooked up to an Apple iPad showing e6 Golf. I did my best to play a few holes showing an example of driving, irons, chipping, and putting.

What data parameters does Mevo+ provide?
Mevo+ provides Carry Distance, Club Head Speed, Smash Factor, Apex Height, Flight Time, Ball Speed, Vertical Launch Angle, Horizontal Launch Angle, Lateral Landing, Angle of Attack, Total Distance, Roll Distance, Spin Axis, Spin Rate, Spin Loft, and Shot Shape.

Do I need metallic stickers on the golf ball indoors and outdoors when using Mevo+?
Metallic stickers are recommended to accurately measure spin indoors as ball flight is limited, but stickers are not needed during outdoor use.

What simulation software is Mevo+ integrated with?
Mevo+ is integrated with TruGolf (E6 Connect) and comes with ownership of 5 golf courses (Aviara, Stone Canyon, Wade Hampton, Sanctuary, Belfry), 17 ranges, and a mini game powered by E6. This bundle that comes with the purchsed of Mevo+ is for iOS only. Customers have the option to purchase additional E6 simulation packages if they want more courses. Mevo+ is also integrated with The Golf Club and Creative Golf 3D which are both PC only.

Mevo+ can be used indoors and outdoors.

Space Requirements:
Indoor and Outdoor: 7-9 feet sensor to tee distance
Short Indoor: 8 Feet Sensor to tee and min 8 feet ball flight


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