RAPSODO MLM2PRO UPDATE! NEW Target Range Golf Simulator Software

New Rapsodo MLM2Pro Target Range Software Update! This new Golf Simulator Target Range can help you dial in your distances! This new play mode allows users the ability to practice shots from different tee boxes to a variety of different green and fairway targets. Looking to build a golf simulator? Email me at: [email protected] or check out the discount codes and links below. They help support the channel and save you money!

Use Code GSV250 to save: https://shopindoorgolf.com/products/rapsodo-mlm2pro-training-golf-simulator-package?aff=277

More about the Rapsodo MLM 2 Pro

Gain Deeper Insights into Your Golf Swing with MLM2PRO
Video Replay

This groundbreaking feature combines slow-motion impact replays and down-the-line shot views with Shot Trace technology. With MLM2PRO, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your golf swing and receive valuable insights on how to improve it.

Shot Storage

MLM2PRO meticulously stores every shot you take, ensuring easy access for comparison and in-depth progress analysis. By opting for a Premium Membership, you unlock the ability to review the history of each shot with both slow-motion Impact Vision replays and Shot Vision featuring shot trace.

Shot Dispersion by Club

This innovative feature provides an aerial perspective of how you hit the ball with each of your clubs. By gaining deeper insights into your shot patterns, you’ll boost your confidence and make more informed decisions when selecting clubs on the golf course.

Rapsodo Combines

In just 20 minutes or less, evaluate your entire game on the range with precision and efficiency. These award-winning combines enable you to identify areas for improvement and craft smarter, more targeted practice plans.

Game and industry changing Mobile Launch Monitor
The only device to pair iOS camera with radar processing for precise measurement
Immediate swing replay with shot trace technology
10 metrics – 4 measured
iOS compatible only. iPhone or iPad required
Indoors and Outdoors Use
Includes 7-day Premium Membership Trial

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