TRUGOLF E6 APEX Golf Simulator Software – Public Release Review

Watch as we do a first look review of the new TruGolf E6 APEX Golf Simulator Software with Apogee Golf Launch Monitor. This brand new public release build is now available for TruGolf Launch Monitors! Looking to Build a Golf Simulator? Email me at: [email protected] for the best information and pricing.

More about the new TruGolf E6 APEX Golf Simulator Software
E6 APEX is now available for APOGEE, TruFlight 2, and TruTrack 2 Launch Monitors. Users must first download the E6 Product Launcher to access E6 APEX.

Bag Mapping
Use the BAG MAPPING game mode to identify your dispersion patterns and average club distances for every club in your bag.

Scoring Zone
Create a custom Scoring Zone and place it anywhere on the Practice Range to quantify your Proximity and work on your ball striking.

Build Your Bag
Customize the clubs in your bag with the E6 APEX. Track your dispersion and make the most of your equipment. Fill out the fields on

The E6 APEX Library features nearly every golf course. From Bucket List destinations to Local Munis, you can find it in E6 APEX.

E6 APEX offers more tools on your path to improvement. Visualize, Analyze, and Quantify every shot to help play better, smarter golf.

E6 APEX has set the bar for realism. The jaw-dropping visuals and lag free gameplay are the new standard for modern golf.


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