Trackman Golf Simulator – Huge TPS 9.4 Update (First Look & Review)

Watch as we do a first look & review of the new Trackman Golf Simulator TPS 9.4 Update. This update is packed with new features and we go over each one individually to demonstrate them for you. Looking to build a golf simulator? Email me for the best information and pricing at: [email protected]

Be sure to check out our first look review of the new Trackman iO:

Introducing TPS 9.4, a comprehensive update packed with cutting-edge features to enhance your practice, coaching and entertainment offerings.
This update includes:

AI Motion Analysis: With Trackman’s innovative AI Motion Technology, the future of coaching and golf swing analysis has arrived. Say goodbye to manual line drawing and hello to automated feedback for a more efficient practice session.

Swing Speed*: Work on your swing speed or battle for bragging rights with this rapid beauty! A groundbreaking training method, Speed Training is where users can enhance swing velocity without the need for a ball. (*only for TM4. Requires Firmware 2.7.3 or newer)

Performance Center: Popular with Tour players since its release in the Trackman Golf Pro app for iPad/iPhone, this tool is now also available in TPS. Based on Strokes Gained, Performance Center changes the way players and coaches work on situational shot execution. With Performance Center, every ball is an opportunity to optimize and get the most out of practice.

Online Virtual Golf: Play your pals. Anytime. Anywhere – from Tokyo to Toronto, Trackman is uniting golfers worldwide. With people in different cities being able to play against one another in real-time, Online has the potential to be a game-changer for facilities.

Mystic Sands: Having fun on Trackman just got even easier with this gem of an entertainment centerpiece. A sibling to Magic Pond, Mystic Sands offers endless entertainment for golfers of all ages and levels.

Custom Altitude Practice: With this update it is now possible to practice at a custom defined altitude in Virtual Golf practice features.

More about Trackman iO
– Full Ball data the same as Trackman 4.
– Integrated webcam for easy target alignment.
– Simple DIY Home Golf Simulator Setup
– Large High Speed Camera for measured spin
– No Marked Balls or Club Stickers Required
– Large hitting area of 24″ wide by 16″ deep
– New lower starting price of $13,995
– All-New club impact video
– New Smaller Space Abilities with no length requirements
– Short Mounting distance of 3′ 4″ center of mount to tee
– Ongoing Development & more.

Get a first look at the new features in the TPS 9.4 update for the Trackman Golf Simulator! In this review, we’ll go through all the exciting updates that will enhance your golf simulation experience. From improved graphics to new courses and training modes, the TPS 9.4 update has it all. Don’t miss out on this exclusive sneak peek!

00:00 TPS 9.4 Intro
01:37 Trackman Online Play
03:11 Trackman TPS Performance Center
08:11 Trackman Mystic Sands Game
09:46 Trackman AI Motion Analysis
13:09 Final TPS 9.4 Update Thoughts

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