Foresight Sports QuadMax – FIRST LOOK! Unboxing, Setup, & Review (Golf Launch Monitor)

Foresight Sports QuadMax Review! In this video we do a full unboxing, setup, and review of the new Foresight Sports QuadMax Golf Launch Monitor. Built on the same advanced four-camera photometric data capture system found in its predecessor the GCQuad, the QuadMAX packs even more features into its compact, ruggedized form factor. If you are looking to buy QuadMax or any Foresight Sport product including full golf simulators, I can help. Just shoot me an email at: [email protected]

New features on the Foresight Sports QuadMax include Swing Speed Training, Touch Screen, Customizable Data Tiles, 15% lighter, 15% more batter, and NFC easy connection. The QuadMax also now provides additional data points like Ball Apex, Decent Angle, and Offline.

Connecting the QuadMAX to the Foresight App is now easier than ever with NFC capability. Simply hold your phone up to the QuadMAX screen to pair your device, which allows you to access your data, customize your MyTiles and more all from your phone.

Swing Speed Training
The New Swing speed training mode enables you to measure and build swing speed with a club or training aid, and without hitting a ball. Just put a single club sticker on either the club or swing aid and use the build in screen to see your speed as it builds.

Touch Screen
The QuadMax has a new touchscreen display that makes digging into the data and settings is easier to navigate than the previous GCQuad. You can switch between menus and settings much faster.

Custom Data Tiles
This is a feature that many will find useful. With MyTiles, you can customize the data tiles display on the Foresight App using 6 presets and time each of them to display for the length of time you want. This is great for coaches or club fitters only focused on certain data.

The Foresight Sports QuadMax features a Magnesium internal build which reduces the weight by 15% making it easier to bring around with you on trips or out on the course and range. This lighter weight paired with a 15% longer batter life than the GCQuad predecessor makes it more portable than every before.

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