Best Garage Golf Simulator Ever? GTrak Retractable Golf Screen Review

This might be the best garage golf simulator setup we have ever built! The GTrak Golf Simulator Enclosure is a motorized wireless retractable screen that attaches right to your existing garage door! Watch as we do a full review on this easy golf simulator build! Looking to Buy the Gtrak Golf Simulator Enclosure? Use our discount codes and links below to help support the channel! Feel free to email me at: [email protected]

Use code GTRAKGSV for GTrak & GSVMAT for mats!
Buy GTrak:
GTrak Packages:

Looking for a full SIG Enclosure Package? Use Code GSV250 & the link below
SIG10 Package:
This comes with the screen, enclosure, Landing Pad Turf, Poles, Projector (Awesome 5000 lumen Panasonic, Cables, and you can select the SIGPRO mat. 

More about the GTrak Garage Golf Simulator Screen
The easy-to-use G-TRAK Retractable Impact Screen gives you the versatility you need in a sports training tool, along with a space-saving solution that can be stored when not in use.

Garages provide plenty of space for a variety of activities, G-TRAK helps make those activities a reality without having to install a permanent structure or sacrificing open space. It’s the best of both worlds, attaching directly to your garage door tracks.

With easy attachment of multisport targets, the G-TRAK was designed not only for entertainment but game improvement across multiple sports.

G-TRAK’s patented brackets mount into place around your garage door tracks without interfering with the up and down functionality of your garage door. It stays clear of vehicles coming and going.

Push the down button and G-TRAK unrolls into position. When done playing or training, just push the up button and G-TRAK retracts back up and out of the way for your vehicles to be stored.

G-TRAK solves a major obstacle of lack of space. Don’t let these limitations put boundaries on your training and enjoyment!

00:00 GTrak Garage Golf Screen Intro
01:40 GTrak Assembly Timelapse
02:22 Garage Golf Simulator Walk Thru
05:28 GTrak Shot Testing & Review
08:50 GTrak Retractable Demonstration
11:15 Final Thoughts on GTrak

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