Watch as we take the Tackman iO indoor golf optimized launch monitor and show the latest Virtual Golf 2 Ghost Play update. We will play a few holes against a scratch golfer out at Olympic Club in California! Can we beat the scratch golfer? Watch and find out! If you are looking to build a home golf simulator, I am happy to help! Email me at: [email protected]

Trackman iO Review Video:

Mastering Ghost Round Settings: A Quick Guide
Here’s a concise overview of our new Ghost Round settings, accessible in-game under settings:

1. SkipShot:

What it does: Skips the ghost player’s shot (it does however briefly show their camera view).

2. SkipTurn:

What it does: Skips both the ghost player’s shot and their entire turn if they’re hitting again before a live player. (Also shows the ghost player’s view briefly)

3. SkipHole:

What it does: Displays the ghost player’s camera view during their turn, but not afterward. Auto-finishes their turn if auto-putting is on.

4. Double Speed:

What it does: Ghost player takes 5-7 seconds to hit, like normal speed, but their shot tracer moves at double speed.

Information & Specifications on the trackman iO

– Full Ball data the same as Trackman 4.
– Integrated webcam for easy target alignment.
– Simple DIY Home Golf Simulator Setup
– Large High Speed Camera for measured spin
– No Marked Balls or Club Stickers Required
– Large hitting area of 24″ wide by 16″ deep
– New lower starting price of $13,995
– All-New club impact video
– New Smaller Space Abilities with no length requirements
– Short Mounting distance of 3′ 4″ center of mount to tee
– Ongoing Development & more.

Trackman Indoor Golf Software – Virtual Golf 2

The 64-bit version of TPS is out now and available for download. The increase in stability and performance from the update means that TPS 7 and Virtual Golf 2 deliver a truly astonishing experience. Every training session, every hole you play, every fun tournament you have with your friends… it’s all faithful to the true feeling of the game. So if you think you know what simulator golf can do, it’s time to think again.

Apart from the TrackMan iO or Trackman 4 units, everything is new. The engine has been completely rebuilt and all the courses have been redesigned. Now, stunning new graphics and lots of new, cool features deliver an even better golf experience. Welcome to the great indoors!

The entire course library has been redesigned to give you a level of golf visuals that you have never experienced before
All courses can now be played in either daylight or evening light settings to match the individual atmosphere of the actual courses
New 3D grass and turf effects make your golf experience even more realistic. Now you can see the course surroundings react as you increase the wind setting

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