CREATIVE GOLF 3D! BIG Updates, Review, & More! (Golf Simulator Software)

Creative Golf 3D! Watch as we cover the latest updates of Creative Golf 3D golf simulator software. We will go through the various new features like online play, new course search and display, mini map updates, and more. If you are looking to purchased the Creative Golf 3D or Golfisimo Golf Simulator Software be sure to email me at: [email protected]

We will give you a in-depth review of the various features of the Creative Golf 3D software and also take you to the range for a few shots along with playing a full hole on one of the courses.

What is new in update Creative Golf 3D version 2.9. ?

Online game. You can play with anyone in the world in one flight. New improvements, for example: Improvements Top View in the birdie book style. Better scorecard for net games showing the player’s Par.

New courses in added to the Creative Golf 3D Course Library

Golf Club Axenstein
Golf Club Alvaneu Bad
Golfplatz Iffeldorf
Golfpark Bostalsee
Golfclub SWARCO Amstetten
Golf Resort Františkovy Lázně
Ypsilon Golf Liberec
Portumna Golf Club
Old Conna Golf Club
Greenore Golf Club
Grange Golf Club
Beech Park Golf Club
Ashbourne Golf Club
The Royal Belfast Golf Club
Port Stewart Golf Club – The Old Course
Golfclub St. Polten

Minimum PC requirements:
– OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 or 11, 64bit
– Processor: 2.5GHz
– Memory: 2 GB
– Graphics: Dedicated 1GB Vram
– Internet connection: Yes – Always for cloud functions, once for licence check, requested for online update, otherwise not necessary for local play
– Hard Drive: 6 GB (Creative Golf), 36 GB (Course Library), 5 GB (Golfisimo) – 45 GB (All in One)

Generally desktop computers allow more powerful rendering than portable computers. You can use any display, but higher resolutions require a better graphic card. We recommend using projector in order to achieve a better visual experience.

More about the Creative Golf 3D golf simulator software

The DATAcrea company offers a series of products called Creative Golf 3D, designed for digitalisation and presentation of golf courses.


One of them is the Creative Golf 3D game with in-door launching devices from companies Foresight Sports, SkyTrak or FlightScope. Complete solution of golf simulators with our game is provided by TEE-01 company.

The main goal of our product is to make the local courses more accessible to golf players for both home and professional in-door solutions. Moreover, our game also offers a group of entertaining games, such as Minigolf, Target or Demolition Golf that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

The game includes more than 100 detailed and nicely visualised golf courses mainly from Europe.

The Creative Golf 3D game is distributed via distribution channels of Foresight sports, SkyTrak, TEE-01 (TEE-01 Sport Simulatoren GmbH) or FlightScope companies. Please contact them to buy the CG3D software.

For Players
Play the course on Foresight Sports, SkyTrak, FlightScope, Uneekor or TEE-01 devices, for a professional in-door experience.
Download for free the iPhone or Android application and study your course before visiting. The application can also be used during the game for tracking your score, checking your current GPS position and measurement of distances.
For Golf Clubs
Visualise your course and use the 3D model created by our company for the presentation of your course in the form of videos and screenshots on your website. The game with your course and launching device for home use is also a great product for sale in your golf shop as a well as unique propagation material. It helps players study the course beforehand and prepare the management of the game on your real course.
The digital 3D model can be used for creating modern – looking Birdie Books.
Let create your iPhone and Android presentation application, which allows your golfers better orientation, studying of fly-by hole videos, tracking of scores and offers all importatnt links and information about courses.

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