Golf Simulator Review – TruGolf MINI – Unboxing & FIRST LOOK & DEMO! ⛳🏌

Watch our Golf Simulator review of the TruGolf Mini. We will do a full unboxing and give you the first look at this new sensor based home golf simulator. The TruGolf MINI home golf simulator is currently priced at only $299 and based on our testing really packs a ton of fun and golf education for the entire family.

The TruGolf Mini is a very unique approach to the home golf simulator space as it requires no golf balls and uses a weighted swing trainer with no club face. The bluetooth sensor attaches to the grip end of the club and reads simulated path, face, angle of attack, and club speed to calculate the estimated ball data.

E6 CONNECT software. Analytics, full course play, practice ranges, games, & more
TruGolf Mini sensor. This sensor gathers meaningful data in real-time
Impact trainer. Weighted swing trainer has a CLICK creating an authentic impact sensation
Post swing analyzer. Learn more about your swing & shots
Captures 4 critical swing characteristics. Checks club face angle, angle of attack, swing tempo, & club path
Skills challenges. Skill-building challenges & exercises for everyday golfers
97 golf courses & mini-games. Play, practice, & perfect your swing on a 3D rendered version of world-famous golf courses

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Color: black, red, silver
Material: ABS plastic, electronics
Dimensions: 01″ x 25.5″ x 0.1″
Weight: 1.6oz
E6 CONNECT software
TruGolf Mini sensor
Impact trainer
Post swing analyzer
Skills challenges
97 golf courses & mini-games
Ideal on tight places
Manufacturer’s 1-year warranty

iOS or PC device

TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator
E6 CONNECT Software
TruGolf Mini Sensor
Impact Trainer
Swing Path Mat

The TruGolf Mini is a new approach to golf swing training & improving your game. Paired with E6 CONNECT software, this interactive swing studio analyzes and displays swing data after every shot, helping golfers of all skill levels understand the game. With TruGolf Mini, every shot you take is a lesson.

These Swing Analytics are combined with E6 CONNECT’s ball flight algorithm to derive ball flight. As users change and control these data points, they control the ball inside E6 CONNECT. After each swing, a clearly understood swing analysis screen will appear and is color coded based on your performance. Users can interact with their data and see a 3D recreation of their Swing Plane and a graph of their tempo.

About E6 Connect Golf Simulator Software

E6 CONNECT is the highest-quality, most lifelike and customizable golf simulator software ever created. Use it with launch monitors to teach or train on the driving range, to compete in leagues and online events at a commercial facility, or just play fun indoor golf games at home with friends and family.

Join the growing network of connected golfers and gain access to new Courses, Mini Games, Skills Combines, Training Aids, and more with E6 CONNECT! This is the most advanced golf software ever made. This proprietary gaming engine has been built to scale and offers cross-platform virtual golf competition. Now, the industry standard E6 experience is available on more platforms for more devices.

This state-of-the-art software is 4K compatible and has been rebuilt with a user-friendly interface. In addition to its superior usability, E6 CONNECT has a number of customizable features allowing golfers full control of in-game settings. Work on your game using the highest-quality and most flexible simulation engine on the market.

E6 CONNECT offers the most prestigious virtual golf course library, with 100 courses currently available. According to Golf Digest, 18 of our courses are ranked in the “Top 100 Courses in America”, 23 are ranked in the “Top 100 Courses in the World”, and 32 hold televised events.

00:00 Intro
01:17 Features & Unboxing
06:15 TruGolf Mini Range Test
14:06 TruGolf Mini On Course Play
18:24 Wrap Up & Final Thoughts

Thank you for watching our TRUGOLF MINI Review!


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