Flightscope Mevo+ Playing Bay Hill on e6 Connect w/ Beta 09 Firmware

Flightscope Mevo+ Playing Bay Hill on e6 Connect w/ Beta 09 Firmware
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Excuse the bad shots as I did this run and gun to show a few holes. I tried my best to show examples of putting with the new firmware and for sure hit a few putts the wrong speed but I think it shows the drastic improvement with the firmware beta.

This week we’re headed to the island of Orlando, Florida to visit the Bay Hill Club and Lodge. The 18-hole golf course opened in 1961. More than 50 years later, Bay Hill is home to one of golf’s greatest legends, and is considered one of the finest golf courses in the world.

Bay Hill Club & Lounge was the first golf course planted with Tifway Bermuda grass. During its initial years, wildlife still inhabited the land including a family of bobcats that resided around the now famous 17th Otters still claimed the lakes as their homes.
In 1965, Arnold Palmer won a charity exhibition tournament at Bay Hill, sponsored by the Orlando Chamber of Commerce, and his love for this beautiful property and challenging golf venue began. Palmer told his wife Winnie that he wanted to own Bay Hill.
Palmer took ownership of Bay Hill in 1975 and polished the original visions of Bay Hill into the prestigious course it is today with the stature of a world-class facility.
Arnold Palmer’s Bay Hill Club & Lodge hosts the PGA TOUR Arnold Palmer Invitational Presented by Master Card each March.
Bay Hill is often considered one of the top golf resort destinations in America, and is included on many top 100 lists as a spectacular course to play.
Top 100 Resort Courses – Golfweek Magazine
Top100 Courses You Can Play – Golf Magazine
Top 50 Golf Clubs in America 2014-2016 – Club Leaders Forum & Platinum Clubs of America
Best Courses Near You – Golf Magazine
Rated Outstanding (Quality 24/Facilities 25/Service 25) – Zagat
Best Courses You Can Play – Golf Magazine
Toughest Golf Courses – Orlando Business Journal
Top 10 Golf Resorts in the Sunshine State – Links Magazine
Best Courses You Can Play – Golfweek Magazine
Top 100 Best Resort Courses – Golfweek Magazine

What data parameters does Mevo+ provide?

Mevo+ provides Carry Distance, Club Head Speed, Smash Factor, Apex Height, Flight Time, Ball Speed, Vertical Launch Angle, Horizontal Launch Angle, Lateral Landing, Angle of Attack, Total Distance, Roll Distance, Spin Axis, Spin Rate and Spin Loft.

Does Mevo+ have a built-in camera?

Yes, Mevo+ has a built-in camera for sensor alignment only.

How is the video recorded?

The video is taken with your iPhone camera in the FS Golf application.
The radar is synchronized with your iPhone to automatically record and clip video of your swing with data overlay.

Can Mevo+ be used indoor and outdoor? How much space is needed indoors?

Yes – Mevo can be used indoors and outdoors.
Space Requirements:
Indoor and Outdoor: 7-9 feet sensor to tee distance
Short Indoor: 8 Feet Sensor to tee and min 8 feet ball flight

Where is the unit setup/placed?

Indoor Setup: Mevo+ will sit 8 feet behind the tee location.
Outdoor Setup: Mevo+ will sit 7-9 feet behind the tee location.
Simulator Setup: Mevo+ will sit 7 feet behind the tee location.

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Authentic Stimp Rating
E6 CONNECT has been delivered with additional web features that greatly enhance the player experience. Now, users can track every shot taken while playing under their profile, transforming how instructors can use E6. Users can sort shot history by date, round, or club and track every shot taken inside the software.


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